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Tenacity | Diligence | Discipline | Courage | Improvisation | Resilience

The Chinese characters         (Gen) are translated as root, source, foundation. Qi (Chee) is a person's intrinsic life force, energy. It is also the energy that animates Nature and the universe. FIT (Functional Integrative Training) emphasizes cultivating a holistic lifestyle awareness through the integration of a variety of effective classical as well as modern approaches to optimize your health and well-being.


First, and foremost, there is Spirit. Though ephemeral, Spirit is powerful and can be sensed and felt. We are spiritual beings having a momentary earthly experience and we are all interconnected regardless of the social constructs of class, gender, sexual preference, socio-economic status and so-called race. 

Spirit is the scaffolding upon which our physical selves are constructed and interwoven with our mind and emotions. The ten elements comprising Urban Qi FIT's Spheres of Resilience are the culmination of six decades of personal and professional experience in the healing arts. 

Urban Qi FIT's mission is to promote opportunities to learn and practice those universal indigenous disciplines and arts that help cultivate communal self-reliance, promote optimum health and well-being, and develop personal resilience.  


To be Qi FIT is, therefore, to:

  • consciously cultivate all aspects of oneself so they co-exist harmoniously

  • consciously promote one's optimal health and well-being naturally

  • support one's ability to achieve one's full potential 

  • enhance one's capacity to contribute to the betterment of the global community, and 

  • assiduously dissolve existing generational traumas to help secure the success of future generations.  

Urban Qi FIT Keynotes

 |Tenacity - The quality or fact of being very determined.

 |Diligence - Alertness, dedication, and industry shown in continual effort to accomplish a task.

 |Discipline - Training to improve strength or self-control.

 |Courage - Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, & withstand danger, fear or difficulty.

 |Improvisation - The art of creating spontaneously, without preparation.

 |Resilience - The ability to endure or bounce back quickly from adverse conditions.

"At birth, our first breath (inspiration) is pregnant with God's dream for us. Live it!"

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