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I have studied Qi Gong and Tai Chi under Dr. Woodbine for about 20 years. I always have and continue to appreciate his insight, extensive knowledge, and attention to detail that he brings to his teaching. I have also benefited from his deep knowledge of natural, holistic approaches to health issues. He has shared his knowledge with care, understanding and humor and I look forward to continuing my studies with him.


New York, NY

Doctor Woodbine,

Thanks for your help and service. I just have to tell you how much your Kegel strengthening program helped me after my recent prostate surgery. As you told me, it would work if I stuck to it. I no longer need to rush to find a toilet (no incontinence). I will continue to work on my core and probably get better results in my sex life. :) :)


Hartford, CT

When I see a seasoned performer come on stage or on screen, I don't think, 'Oh, I hope they do well.' I know they will do well. That's how I feel about Dr. Robert Woodbine. When he is on the scene - I know I am going to get solid information and will have a satisfying experience. His knowledge of both a medical degree and years and years of work with the masters on Tai Chi and Qigong are conveyed in a simple and thorough way. Thanks.


New York, NY

Doc's genius is affirming where one is in the moment in your practice while gently pressing you forward toward ongoing breakthroughs...truly an exploration of one's way of being in the cosmos.

Rylona Watson

New York, NY

There is a reason why Doctor Woodbine named his exercise classes challenges, and that is because they do exactly that:

They challenge you to make a commitment for 30 days.

They challenge you to push yourself to complete the goal for the day.

They challenge you to find the inner strength that we all have, but mostly rarely use.

They challenge you to fine tune your body and your mind simultaneously.

They challenge you to be part of a group, composed of people you do not know, to complete a collective task together (teamwork).

Finally, they challenge you to do what we are all here to do, which is achieve an established goal.

After each challenge, and my myself and my lady have participated in them all, we have come away with the feeling and knowledge that the benefits far outweigh the costs, both short and long term. Thank you Dr. Woodbine.

Albert Smith, III

New York, NY

Dr. Woodbine's vast and deep knowledge about health and teaching martial arts allow me to connect with his accessible and creative method. I'm inspired by his calm approach to this arduous journey, which encourages me to further commit to my practice. The Qigong/Taijiquan discipline and the knowledge that comes with it are powerful responses to the urgent call we are facing in today's world. It guides us to connect with the universe and self, while cultivating the spirit. I am very fortunate to be his student.

Adriana Groisman

New York, NY

He’s my favorite practitioner on the planet!!! My husband has Stage IV cancer and is under his care. He uses Traditional Chinese medicine and Naturopathic principles. He is brilliant, gentle, respectful, spiritual and intuitive. He uses many different healing modalities.      


H. Basir 

New York    

Taoist Sexual Kung fu was my first workshop on the topic and my first meeting with Dr. Woodbine. It was amazing; and as much as I got from the workshop (or "play"shop, as Dr. Woodbine often reminded us), I got from the man himself. I benefitted greatly from his delivery of the information, his compassion, his wit and his wisdom as much as from the information itself.

His own deeply grounded practice is apparent and inspiring. His belief in the importance of partners being on the "same page" with each other in regards to the practices helped me to understand that one can't do it alone. The practices he taught us have served to deepen and strengthen my relationship with my partner.”                             


Aswad Foster

New York, NY

I met Dr. Woodbine thru a mutual friend 9 years ago. I was 47 years old and 1 year away from retiring from City Service. Life was stressful, I was hypertensive and taking medication to control it. I found his knowledge refreshing and extensive. At that time, Doc Woodbine was offering a Men’s Health Seminar that I took and enjoyed the knowledge.  Since that 1st chance encounter, I have remained a student to Dr. Woodbine, traveling on this path towards greater health. His Men’s Health Seminars which I took 2 or 3 times- were eye-opening and helpful.


I enrolled in his Chi Gung seminars and advanced classes which ran for 3 years. From that, my health and awareness increased about ten fold.  4 years ago, Doc Woodbine, moving deeper- started exploring  Tai Chi, and I gladly adjusted my time and attention towards this new combination of the two previous learning experiences. 


My learning - Tai Chi, a 2000 year-old form of linked movements, has improved my balance, self awareness, and my health to a level I only dreamed of and others admire. I am now 56.5 years old, in great health, take no medication and I attribute a lot of that to the teachings I have learned and incorporated in my life, and shared graciously by...Dr. Robert Woodbine. I am very thankful to know and study with Doctor Woodbine.


D. K.  

New York, NY, c. 2000           

While everyone around me has had a miserable cold - Jeff, Noah, Bua, Taya and several friends - I seem to be fighting it off. I'm a little congested, but nothing dramatic. I'm crediting the warming socks since I have been vigilantly using them for three weeks. What do you think? I also gave Noah my oil of thyme, which he said was very helpful. In Thailand they use a lot of herbal remedies that work well and have none of the side effects of western cold medicines.”                                                                           


Laura S.

New York, NY

You should know that Rev. Phil Brockett mentioned his experience of meeting you in his Sunday sermon today. I was quite surprised. He was talking about the peace that comes when one asks God to be in their lives, and how many people are unhappy inside until they get on the right track. He said he'd met someone (you) who took the time to find and get on the right track, and that he felt that the best part of meeting you was being in your presence, because it soothed him and made him feel good. I agree. I did not think that he had been that much affected, but I guess he really was. 


Middletown, CT

I was referred to you by a friend who knew I was in need of “after-care” following chemotherapy. The cancer was gone, but I needed help with getting back to feeling good again…physically, mentally and spiritually. I want to thank you so much for your comprehensive care and treatments. I am feeling much better and have recommended you to two of my friends! I think that more and more people realize the benefits of seeing alternative methods of health care and you are a good source.” 




New York, NY

I commend Dr. Woodbine not only for his dedication to preserving and embodying the true principles and fundamentals of Tai Chi. I do so because in him you are partnered with a person who is himself in a long-term journey of growth and of sharing what is hard won with those he is teaching and instructing in the light of Ta-Hsueh or the Great Learning.


New York, NY

At the request of President Lloyd Williams, Dr. Robert Woodbine introduced professional acupuncture relief to the staff of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce (GHCC). This occurred during the period of HARLEM WEEK which is traditionally the busiest and the most stressful time of the year for our senior managers. Despite the busyness of our schedules, the requests for each session grew as participants gave glowing testament as to the immediate benefits which they felt from experiencing the practice. Participants left the sessions with a renewed focus and ready to meet the demands of the day. We therefore highly recommend Dr.Woodbine's acupuncture practice to any professional environment which may need or desire stress relief.

Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce 

New York, NY

Dear Dr. Woodbine,

I'm writing to tell you about my experience with the "Swimming Dragon." As you know, the day you taught it to our class (11/17/2010), I was feeling pretty uncomfortable because my inguinal hernia was extended and strangulated. But at the same time my body seemed to resonate with the wave-like movement in this exercise and I practiced it, to the best of my ability, a few more times that day. The night of 11/17 I remember waking a few times, because I had somewhat uncomfortable feeling of movement in the inguinal area. When I woke up the next morning, to my amazement the  hernia had completely softened and retracted. Of course, I can't say for sure that this was facilitated by the "Swimming Dragon," but I do know that I'll keep doing it!

Thank you,


New York, NY

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